Terms of Service

Do I have to have a Facebook Account to get a Cheekd account?

All Cheekd users must have a Facebook account to validate their identity and make sure you are matched with people with common interests. Cheekd will never publish anything on your Facebook wall.

Is my activity within Cheekd private?

Liking another Cheekd member is completely anonymous. Once you both “like” each other, you’ll then be connected to chat (“get cheeky”).

Do I need to activate my bluetooth for Cheekd to work?

Yes. Cheekd uses Bluetooth Low Energy to detect proximity to potential missed connections, so we need to make sure it's turned on. Don't worry-- we won't kill your battery.

Do I need to enable my location in order for Cheekd to work?

Yes, Cheek'd needs your location to connect you to nearby users.

Is an internet connection required for Cheekd to work?

No. You just need to have your Bluetooth enabled.

Who are the people that show up on my feed?

Your feed shows you the Cheekd members you’ve physically passed (within a 30 foot radius) in real time. Every time you pass another Cheekd user, their profile will appear in your “Misses” feed.

What does it mean when my “Missed” screen says “No Misses”?

Cheekd depends on a low energy Bluetooth technology that will only show you when another Cheekd member comes within a 30 foot radius of you.

How can I chat (“get cheeky”) with another user?

To begin the chat, the interest must be mutual.

Am I able to delete a conversation?

Yes. In order to delete a conversation, pull the conversation from right to left, up to half way across the screen and press the big red “DELETE” button.

Am I able to block another member?

Yes. In order to block another member, pull the conversation from right to left, past halfway across the screen and press the purple “BLOCK” button

Does the app have to be open for my misses to get listed?

The app doesn’t need to be open in order for it to find the other members you’re missing. The app will continue to list all of your missed connections in real time.

How can I dismiss or never see someone on the app again?

Once the miss count of another member grows to 3, you then have the opportunity to permanently hide that member from the “misses” list. This is indicated by a chance of color of the miss label.

How can I deactivate my account?

Go to app setting and delete your account. This will delete all the information previously generated from the app.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]

NOTE: Cheekd only supports iOS 7 and higher